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Kids Just Like You!

Well, maybe….except they sure get into a lot of trouble!

Meet lots of true life and fictional characters on this site!

They’ve got lots of ideas and sometimes end up getting into things they didn’t expect. But mostly they want to tell you what God’s doing in their lives. And there’s some who don’t know God at all yet.

Here’s our team that will help you get to know the rest and introduce you to new characters. But first they need to introduce themselves! Let’s see what they have to say.

Kelly’s always dragging her brothers into something or other-and their friends, too.

Kelly: “I really like doing stuff for people-but sometimes it’s pretty scary. Are you afraid sometimes? I’m terrified! But I’m learning to trust God in crazy situations. I like to write puppet skits and help my mom with Bible Club and play the piano and do fun things for the neighbors. I guess you’ve figured out that I’m pretty busy.

Brent and Doug: We’re twins but a whole lot different in looks and everything else, too. Well almost. We both play the guitar and write songs.

Doug: “Brent lo-oves animals. There’s always fish and turtles and kittens and a dog or two in our room! He can’t go anywhere without finding something to bring home-at least that’s what Dad says. We like pulling surprises on our parents and the neighbors. Our surprises usually end up really good, but we get into a lot of messes in the meantime.”

Brent: “Doug is into every sport there is. Oh, and Kelly loves history-we can’t forget that!”

Doug: “Yuck.”

Kelly: “Hey, you like all the games I come up with-spies and clues and pirates and all. And what about that collection of old cameras that you have! That’s another hobby that Doug likes-photography. Soooo guys, how about we introduce some of our friends from olden times?”

I’m a princess from the Middle Ages. My friend Mary Elise, who’s a milkmaid, rescued me from bandits.

Hi, I’m Sid. I work in a mill just before the Great Depression hits. I’m trying to take care of my family but suddenly I find myself in the midst of gangsters and coppers and a strike at the mill. That’s all coming up soon…

I’m Sadie. I’m a spy during the American Revolution and this is my amazing horse, Red Wind.

I’m Tom. I love to antagonize the British and Tories, but I get more than I bargain for when my brother is missing in action.

“Hey, you guys-I’m into Science. Animals and all the stuff God made! I love to study Creation and dinosaurs and Noah’s Ark. Don’t forget me!”

Kelly: “You go all around the world with your parents. Being anthropologists sounds like fun!”

“Sure, I meet a lot a missionaries, too. Hey, there’s the man-Tim! And his sister Karen from Africa.

Tim: “Okay guys, what are we going to do?”

“Tell stories, what else?” said Kelly, excitedly.

“Let’s get started then! “

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