Mr. Whoo is back and he has some wisdom from the Bible to share with you!

There are lots of symbols in the Bible.

Today let’s talk about light and darkness. These symbols are used many times in the Bible. There are lots of different kinds of lights—the sun and the moon, candles and flashlights, light bulbs and headlights. 

They all pierce through darkness so that we can see. Light is very important, isn’t it?  It shows us the way.

In the Bible darkness often means sin and separation from God. The gospel of John tells us that Jesus is the Light of the World. Jesus also talks about being the way, the truth, the life.

The world is very dark with sin. The Bible says that every one of us has sinned. Chaos, riots, killing, fighting, unkindness, selfishness and on and on—these things are all around us. The Bible tells us that people like darkness rather than light.

There are two kinds of light and darkness in the Bible. There is physical light—such as when the sun is out and there is physical darkness—when the sun goes down at night.

But there is also spiritual light and spiritual darkness. The only one who could take care of spiritual darkness is Jesus.

Since He took our sin upon Himself and experienced separation from God the Father, we can be saved and have forgiveness and go to be with Him someday. Jesus has brought light to the world and shows us the way to forgiveness and heaven.

Sometimes the Bible is also called a light because it shows us the way, too. Like a searchlight, it goes deep into our minds with its truths about God.

Check out these verses. Look them up in your Bible!

John 14:6

John 3:19

John 8:12

Psalm 119:105.

Hint: Remember that there are four books called “John” in the Bible. John wrote the gospel (or story of Jesus). He also wrote three little letters (or epistles as they were called back then)—1 John, 2 John, and 3 John.

So don’t get confused….

These verses above are in the gospel of John, the fourth book of the New Testament.

Fun fact: Psalms is the longest book in the Bible. It is in the Old Testament.

Thanks, Mr. Whoo, for telling us about light and darkness!

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