Planes…planes…and  more planes…


They’re everywhere these days.

But this is the story of one special plane named Charlie. This plane lived on the continent of Africa. afrika.png


He was excited to be back in the hangar, ready to go.  Charlie hadn’t been sure what was happening to him.  He had thought all was well, and he’d be heading out to the bush country or over the mountains.



He had an important mission and he wanted to get on with it. Jack, his pilot, said everything they did was for one reason—to bring the gospel of Jesus to the people below. They did that in a lot of different ways.


Sometimes they brought missionaries to their posts. The people that Charlie carried were very interesting.


They did everything from translating the Bible into different languages, to doing surgery and helping stop epidemics. Charlie had carried doctors, and nurses, and preachers,


and school teachers,


and all kinds of people in and out of the bush. Sometimes he and Jack did Search and Rescue.  Sometimes they brought help to other planes that had gotten into trouble and crashed.  Oh, Charlie did all kinds of things.

So…why had Jack let those mechanics take his seats out?  He usually liked the mechanics—they fixed him up, and made him feel great.


The time he’d nearly run into a dog that had raced out onto the runway, the mechanics had come and repaired his wing very nicely—after they’d gotten him out of the bushes!

Now what was going on? Ah, Jack and his helpers were coming to load the cargo–finally.

Chickens!  Oh no.  He didn’t really like having live animals around.  Sometimes they got pretty scared when they were up in the air. And chickens were so noisy!



There were crates and crates of them!  And lots of tools for gardening.  And plenty of building equipment….

Aha! That was probably why some of the seats had to come out.

“Oh, what’s with all these people!nicubunu-People.png  I hope they’re not all coming along,” Charlie thought.

Well, Jack would only let a certain number on, he knew. He trusted Jack not to go over his weight limit.

And all was well. Only a couple of people were coming on board.  It looked like  most of them were just out there to wave goodbye.

Pretty soon, Jack was doing his final check, and they were leaving the hangar, heading down the runway.


And they were off!  Up in the air! What fun!  Charlie didn’t know where they were going, but his pilot knew, so everything was okay!

Keep a look out for the adventures of Charlie, the missionary plane….


By Carol Bennett