Hey kids, have I got a story for you!


My name is Samuel, but you can call me Sammy.  I can’t wait to tell somebody about the incredible thing that happened to me.

I’m just a colt, but I still hear all the gossip.  You wouldn’t believe the stories that are going around!  I live in a little village just outside the city of Jerusalem, and this is the week of a big celebration–and I mean big.  It’s called Passover, and every year there’s about a million people that come to Jerusalem–it seems that way at least.

To make things even more interesting, there’s been a famous teacher around here lately.  His name is Jesus.  The people say He’s the Messiah (Savior).   They believe He’s going to save us all from the Romans.  If you ask me,  I think that’s great.  I’m tired of seeing Roman soldiers everywhere.


And you know what else they’re saying? This teacher is the Son of God, and can do miracles!  He makes sick people well, and even brings dead people back to life!  Boy, I really wanted to meet this great teacher myself, but of course, I never thought I would.  You can imagine how surprised I was when one day that very thing happened.  I was tied up outside the stable with my mom.  Two men came into our village, and started untying me.

The people standing nearby said, “hey, what are you doing?  Why are you untying that colt?”

My mom was glad they asked.  She was getting pretty nervous about the whole thing.


“The Master needs him,” one of the strangers said, and the people let them go ahead and take me.

They let Mom come, too, and led us out of the village, and down the road.

I wondered who “the Master” was.  Then I saw Him!  It was the man everyone was so excited about!  His friends stood nearby talking to him, but when we came near, He looked right at me and grinned.

“He’s perfect,” the Teacher said.  “ What a nice looking colt. He’s just right for what I need.”

Mom was so proud.

I didn’t have a saddle on, so one of the men put his coat over my back, and Jesus mounted me.  I had never been ridden before, but I didn’t buck at all.


The other men put their coats and robes on the road before Him, and cut palm branches from the trees, and threw them down.  More people gathered, and tossed down coats and palms.  People only do that for somebody who’s really important.

I carried Jesus all the way into the city, and right up to the temple gate.  There was a huge crowd by this time.  They were all waving palm branches, and singing, and calling out, “Hosanna!” (Save us!)  They were talking about making Jesus a king.

Finally Jesus got off my back, and went into the temple. But before he did, a bunch of priests started scolding him.  They were pretty upset!

They said, “do you hear what these people are saying?  Make them stop!”

But Jesus said, “if they don’t give praise–why, the very stones will!”


It was the most incredible day I’d ever had!  The Messiah rode me.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

I may be just a colt but if you ask me, I think He’s going to be more than a just an earthly king here in Israel.  I think He came to save these people from a lot more than the Romans.  As happy as everyone was that day, some terrible things happened a few days later.   Jesus was put to death and I was so sad when I heard.


But then, the next thing we knew, they were saying He’d come back to life again!  Only the Son of God can do that!


I think He’s pretty special, and I think we’ll be hearing  a lot more about Him in the days to come.

I’ll keep you posted…

The End


Carol Bennett