Trucks, trucks, and more trucks….We see them everywhere, don’t we? Big, little, and in between.


When I see Mack trucks—the really big ones—I think of people who travel cross-country for hours—even days, taking their loads here there and everywhere. It might be logs or tomatoes or furniture or orange juice–anything you can imagine.

And they love to drive, right?


Maybe. But I’m sure truckers also have a lot of problems.  From getting stuck on the highways in a blizzard to missing their kids, they need some help from time to time.  Or maybe they just need a little time to worship God with some friendly people.



I learned recently about a great bunch of Christians who have little chapels all across the nation. Most times the chapels are actually trucks that have been fixed up inside.  They’re just places  for people to come in, talk about God, go to a worship service or Bible study, or chat about their lives.


These chapels  are in rest areas around the country. When you go on vacation and stop at a rest area to pick up snacks, or let your dog run around a bit, you might see one of these chapels.


And your family would be welcome to drop in, too. They’re for anyone who’s traveling. Lots of bikers check them out as well.


Maybe you’ve seen a truck with a big Bible verse in a window or a Christian slogan on the back.  I remember one trucker who had the reference John 3:16 in red painted across the side of his truck.  His name was Steve and he hoped that people would think about this verse that gives the Good News of Jesus so clearly….

 For God so loved the world (you and me) that He gave His only Son (Jesus) that anybody who believes in Him would NOT perish (spend eternity away from God’s presence) but have everlasting life (in heaven).

Next time you see a truck, take a moment to pray for the driver—for God’s protection on the roads, for his or her family back home, and that they would have a good day as they do their job of driving a truck—and most of all that they would know God’s love.


And pray for the Trucker’s Christian Chapels as they help people do just that.