Once upon a time there were ten ladies.  They loved Jesus and they loved kids. They wanted children in America to know about God’s love and forgiveness.

So they traveled around from state to state visiting churches and schools and camps. They taught Bible lessons and stories of missionaries from around the world.


It wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t always fun.

But they were faithful.

The word faithful means sticking to it, doing what you think is right, keeping at it over the long haul.

And they sure did that!

They traveled in teams of two and met lots of great people along the way. Some of the people gave money to help them. Some gave them a place to sleep. Some gave them food.

And God did great things.  Thousands of kids heard about Jesus. A great many of them decided to become a followers of God and live their lives dedicated to Him.  Some became pastors and missionaries.

One day, a rancher out west made a promise to God.


He liked to give money to help people who were doing God’s work and wanted to give even more so he told God, “I’m setting aside a certain amount of land.  Whatever I earn from this land, I’ll give to You.”

Should he raise some cattle on that land?

Should he grow food on that land?

God had a better plan than even the rancher could imagine.

The rancher struck oil on that piece of land!


Maybe you or I would have had a dilemma. Should I really keep a promise like that? That’s a lot of money.  Does God want me to give all that to missions?

The rancher kept his promise.  He gave lots of money to foreign missionaries.  And he gave these ladies who were missionaries at home in America a wonderful gift, too. Actually, several gifts.

He gave each team a trailer to hitch up to their cars and pull from place to place.  These teams of ladies lived and traveled in these trailers for many years.


But one day….

“Uh oh!  Where’s the trailer?”

Sometimes some scary things happened on the road. Su and Kay were driving along happily. They had just left a church after some great meetings with kids.  But someone else had hooked the trailer on the back of the car for them.

The car felt strange as they drove along.  Kay looked back and cried out, “the trailer’s gone!”

They turned back to find the trailer and soon saw that God had done a great miracle. The trailer could have caused a bad accident for other cars could have smashed into it.  They could have lost all their possessions for it could have rolled over or crashed into a building or a wall or slid down a hill.

Instead, the trailer swerved over to the side of the road and came to a stop safely. God took care of it and everyone around it.…


Lots of things happened to these ladies during their travels.  One night, Betty and Nancy were telling stories to a group of kids in a church when the electricity suddenly went out. They liked using pictures on the wall with an overhead projector, a machine that teachers used some years ago.


It had a bright light that was needed to show the pictures. They decided to keep going with their story—and use their pictures, too.

How could they do that without electricity?

One of their helpers held his flashlight in the spot where the bulb normally was located—and they were able to finish their story—with pictures!


One day Su and Kay and Gracie were traveling to Canada. They did not have the trailer with them so maybe they were on vacation. They all grew up in Canada so they sometimes went home to visit.

But it snows a lot in Canada and this time they got caught in a very scary snowstorm.


Su could not see a thing!  The snow was blinding.  Perhaps there were no houses to stop at for shelter. It definitely was not safe to stop at the side of the road for no one would see them until it was too late. Another driver could crash into them or they could freeze.

Su was going ve-ry slowly for the snow was coming down thick and fast.

Her headlights weren’t even powerful enough to help her see. Finally Kay and Gracie got out and with powerful flashlights, walked ahead, guiding her. She could see their dark shadowy figures and they could see  enough to make sure the car didn’t go off the road.  They went on this way  until they could find a safe place to wait out the storm.

Again God was with them.


These ladies wanted kids like you to know wonderful stories about God and His love and salvation.


Some of the ladies are still here on earth, praying for the children of America. Many of them have gone on to heaven where I have a hunch God has told them, “well done, good and faithful servants!”

The End

By Carol Bennett

These are adaptations of true stories as told to me.