I wonder why owls always sound like they’re calling “whoo, whoo…” And dogs bark. Cats meow. They all have their unique way of expressing themselves.

All the cawing and neighing and trumpeting and squealing that the various animals do is amazing to me—and then there’s the ones that don’t make any sounds at all.


Do you ask a lot of questions or wonder about things?  I do all the time. And animals are fun to wonder about….


Mr. Whoo’s verses for you today are found in the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible—Genesis (which means beginnings).

Genesis 1:20,21 talks about the sea creatures-big and small–and the birds! Have you ever though of all the amazing things about them all–from eagles to hummingbirds, whales to tiny goldfish?

The Bible says that God was pleased with what he had made.

All the way through Genesis 1, it’s as if God keeps looking at what He created and says, “hmm, I like it!” He made wonderful things and enjoyed them. Maybe you do that when you build or create.

There’s a big difference with God, though. He was able to breathe life into the things He created.

He made some creatures really fast and some so-o-o slow, some funny to watch and others majestic. Some can walk on ledges hundreds of feet up and others burrow in the ground to hibernate. Some can jump from tree to tree and some can change color to hide from their enemies.


I could go on and on but you think about it yourself and draw some pictures or write some stories or choose some animals and write down a list of the great things about each one.

Next time you see one of God’s creatures-and it’s pretty often that we do- remember how great God is.