Stories of Faith for Kids

Stories of faith and courage from the past, present, and around the world.


Hey, kids,

I love a good story! I’m sure you do, too.


I have lots of fiction stories about  brave kids who love God and stand for Him-and some of heroic adults. There’s a few true stories, as well!


History is more than names and dates-it’s ADVENTURE! And there’s amazing things going on around the world!ooo.jpg

Let’s check them out together…

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The Early Church:


The Catacombs

Where in the World are We?

Early Church Chronicle

The American Revolution:


Sadie  A Revolutionary War Story

Sadie and the Orphans

Sadie  The Rescue

Yankee Doodle

Paul and the Smugglers (Christmas)

Around the World:


Move This Mountain

The Johnsons-Adventures in Africa   Christmas Cheer

Charlie  The Missionary Plane

The Missionary Frogs

Easter Song

Just Enough Bibles

Fun Facts About Missionary Pilots

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Truckin’ On

A Gang of Gutsy Ladies

Celebrate With Joni

Six Little Indian Girls (Christmas)

Christmas Surprises

More Holiday Stories:


The Baby

The Milkmaid (Middle Ages)

A Song for Christmas

The Star

The Thanksgiving Coat

Darla’s Good Deeds (Autumn)

Sammy’s Adventure With Jesus (Palm Sunday)

The Easter Egg Hunt

The First Easter Bunny

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Modern Day Stories….


The Teddy Bear Tea Lady

The Answer Book (Creation/Nature)

The Answer Book 2

Jeff and the Mysterious Missing Wallet

Two Little Words

The Loring Kids…and Friends-The Flag

The Loring Kids…and Friends-Mother’s Day Madness

The Loring Kids…and Friends-Dad To the Rescue

The Loring Kids…and Friends-Corky

The Loring Kids…and Friends-The Thanksgiving Turkey

The Loring Kids…and Friends-The Sleigh

The Loring Kids…and Friends-May Day Surprises

Jesus’ Message to You :

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.”

John 14:6 

Salvation is through Jesus alone.