Stories of Faith for Kids

Stories of faith and courage from the past, present, and around the world.


Hey, kids,

I love a good story! I’m sure you do, too.


I have lots of fiction stories about  brave kids who love God and stand for Him-and some of heroic adults. There’s a few true stories, as well!


History is more than names and dates-it’s ADVENTURE! And there’s amazing things going on around the world!

Let’s check them out together…

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The Gospels:


The Baby

The Star

Sammy’s Adventure With Jesus (Palm Sunday)

The First Easter Bunny (Resurrection)

The Early Church:


The Catacombs

Where in the World are We?

Early Church Chronicle


The Milkmaid (Christmas)

Will and the Troubadour (Reformation)

Charles’ Amazing Voyage (Columbus Day)

The American Revolution:


Sadie  A Revolutionary War Story

Sadie and the Orphans

Sadie  The Rescue

Yankee Doodle

Paul and the Smugglers (Christmas)

The Depression:

New Life for Hope-Part 1

New Life for Hope-Part 2-The Thanksgiving Coat

New Life for Hope-Part 3-Christmas Surprises

New Life for Hope-Part 4

New Life for Hope-Part 5

New Life for Hope-Part 6

New Life for Hope-Part 7

New Life for Hope-Part 8

Around the World:


The Johnsons-Adventures in Africa   Christmas Cheer

Charlie  The Missionary Plane

The Missionary Frogs

Easter Song

Just Enough Bibles

Fun Facts About Missionary Pilots

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Truckin’ On

A Gang of Gutsy Ladies

Celebrate With Joni

Six Little Indian Girls (Christmas)

More Holiday Stories:

A Song for Christmas

The Easter Egg Hunt


Darla’s Good Deeds (Autumn)

Modern Day Stories….


The Teddy Bear Tea Lady

The Answer Book (Creation/Nature)

The Answer Book 2

Jeff and the Mysterious Missing Wallet

Two Little Words

The Loring Kids…and Friends-The Flag

The Loring Kids…and Friends-Mother’s Day Madness

The Loring Kids…and Friends-Dad To the Rescue

The Loring Kids…and Friends-Corky

The Loring Kids…and Friends-The Thanksgiving Turkey

The Loring Kids…and Friends-The Sleigh

The Loring Kids…and Friends-May Day Surprises

Jesus’ Message to You : 

Salvation is through Me alone.